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AUTOMOTIVE Accessories & Comfort


Flauraud offers you a wide range of automotive accessories and tools for retail professionals.  Our range is based on meeting  our customers’ mobility and DIY needs as part of our mission to make motorists’ lives easier and more comfortable.

Our products department cooperates closely with all the major manufacturers and aftermarket providers, to offer a range of high quality products.  With 5,000 individual tool and accessory products, we can meet retail professionals’ requirements when stocking their sales floors.
Our preferred partners are: Osram, Ergoseat, Bardahl, Green Valley, Funel, Superclean, Ambi Pur, Magic Tree, Marchal, NGK, Purflux, Oakson and more.

Particular attention is paid to the merchandising concept of our products to make the most of your retail space.  We commit, as part of our supply chain process, to ensure that deadlines are met and that all our goods are delivered complete and in good condition.

Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction with attractive, high performing and high earning products in your retail outlets.

  • Analysis, studies and ideas: our products department is at the heart of developments in the automotive fleet base and changing consumer needs.
  • Design and conception: we offer highly innovative equipment and comfort solutions.
  • Production and exclusive ranges: we have chosen to take the manufacture of a portion of our products (Airvit, Green Valley & Funel) in-house to offer you an exclusive range of quality guaranteed products.
  • Communications and point-of-sale activities: We provide the highest performing sales tools and marketing plans aimed at the general public to generate store traffic.

Our sales team, made up of 12 sales professionals and an export department, gives us a strong presence in the field, backed up by our customer service team.

Professionals serving professionals.

Moving forward together.


Flauraud accompanies you through these three businesses: We offer professional services & distribute Automotive and Truck parts. We supply tools and equipments for Automotive, Industrial and Building. Then We design, manufacture and distribute automotive accessories.