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Brake hoses: Flauraud supply

Your wholesaler Flauraud offers you a large selection of brake hoses from the biggest automotive parts manufacturers.

A brake hose is an essential part of the vehicle’s braking system and therefore a safety mechanism that definitely should not be overlooked.

The brake hose must be changed in these two cases of wear: cracks in the rubber or leaking brake fluid. This is because the condition of the brake hoses directly impacts on the safety of the vehicle’s occupants. Not replacing a worn brake hose will significantly extend the braking distance. It is advised that you change your brake hoses every 4 or 6 years and it is recommended to change them in pairs.

That is why Flauraud sells brake hoses from all brands and for all vehicle models, from the most recent to the oldest, thanks to our nearly 100% coverage rate.

Order online!

Visit Mecasystems to place an order and get your brake hoses, or any other vehicle parts, by express next-day delivery anywhere in France. Use the identification abilities of the Mecasystems tool to find out the specific hose that you need.


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