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XPR PRO - professionalism for every day

Why choose XPR PRO ?

Exclusive innovations, thanks to a brand of bodywork consumables made by Flauraud.

Everyday products for bodywork: a simple, economical and high quality solution that satisfies most bodywork consumable needs.

The expertise and support of the Flauraud’s Bodywork Technical Advisors, who have validated all the products offered in this new range.

Choosing XPR PRO means choosing local, easy order management, and innovations validated by our technical team. XPR PRO offers high quality products, tested and approved by the Flauraud’s Bodywork Technical Advisors, at an attractive price level.

The XPR PRO range consists of a limited and efficient product selection that offers the consumables essential for daily bodywork management. It is intended to expand the range in order to better meet your different needs.

What products are in the XPR PRO Bodywork Consumables range?


  • Sanding discs
  • Sanding block
  • Soft Roll – pre-cut roll
  • Interface


  • Masking Tape
  • Foam tape
  • Protective film + reel
  • 4 in 1 vehicle protection kit


Mastics and hardeners


  • Conical filters + distributor
  • Mixing pots


Single-component glue 1H FC-HM


  • Polishing
  • Headlights Restoration

Discover the complete XPR PRO range, the products, references, and technical descriptions, by clicking here.

The range of XPR PRO bodywork consumables is easily explored on Mecasystems, or talk to your Flauraud salesperson about it.


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