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At Flauraud, you’ll find all the parts needed to ensure optimal filtering, thanks to our partnership with some of the biggest brands.

Take on work on all your clients’ cars without having to worry if the right filter is available. On Mecasystems, you’ll find a wide range of filters, for cars both new and old, which will help you get the job done.

  • Fuel filter
  • Oil filter
  • Passenger compartment filter
  • Air filter

Fuel filter

The fuel filter is an essential part of the supply system, acting as a filter between the fuel supply and the diesel or petrol engine. It removes residue and impurities from the fuel, thus protecting the injection system. The petrol filter also retains water from the fuel.

Many motorists face problems with acceleration and stalling, which can often be a sign that your filter is worn out. This brings certain risks to the vehicle, including engine failure, breakdown, or degradation of the injection system. The petrol filter should be changed for every 120,000km driven, whilst the diesel filter should be changed for every 40,000 – 60,000km covered.

Oil filter

The oil filter purifies the engine oil, making sure that the oil doesn’t clog the system. Signs of a worn-away filter include overheating or a poorly-functioning engine, as the clogged oil filter lowers the engine’s performance, which can seriously damage the engine as a whole. We recommend that you change the filter for every 15,000 – 30,000km covered, or once per year. As with the air filter, the oil filter’s function varies depending on the vehicle. Users should consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to check when is most appropriate to change the filter.

Passenger compartment filter

The passenger compartment filter prevents harmful particulates and unpleasant odours from entering the car’s interior, equally ensuring better visibility. Signs of a worn-away filter include bad smells, pollution inside the car, and poor functioning of the de-mist function or blocked air vents. A poorly-maintained filter reduces the amount of fresh air entering the car, reducing the efficacy of climate control, ventilation and heating. Equally, hygiene conditions for passengers are also reduced due to the presence of mould, fumes, pollution and bad smells. The filter should be changed for every 15,000 – 30,000km covered, or for every 10,000km in cities, or once per year.

Air filter

The air filter is generally found near the front of the engine compartment. If you’re having difficulty starting the car, accelerating, making frequent stops or the engine is consuming too much fuel, it is advisable to check the state of your filter.

Drivers must be careful as a poorly-maintained air filter can bring about premature engine degradation. Air filter models vary depending on the vehicle, so it is important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to check how often the filter should be replaced, though on average it should be changed for every 30,000km covered, or once per year.

At Flauraud, your auto parts and accessories retailer, you’ll find a wide range of filters corresponding to your needs. In addition to these filters, Flauraud also offers stoppers and oil change washers. Don’t wait any longer, log on to your Mecasystems account to take advantage of the offers available.

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